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Élevage KC Exotics
Deposit Agreement

The purpose of a deposit is to commit to purchasing an animal and is therefore non-refundable if the
buyer fails to follow through on their commitment.  This deposit can be made by e-transfer, check,
money order or cash.

When reserving a baby hedgehog from me I require a deposit amount of $20 in order to hold your
hedgie until it is fully weaned and ready to be picked up.  

Please be certain that you are willing and able to follow through with your commitment before
placing a deposit.  We understand that things can happen and situations can change, this is why the
deposit is only $20 and not 50% of the cost of the animal.  We do not offer refunds, simply to be fair
and consistent with all of our customers and ourselves since we have made your hedgehog unavailable
to other potential buyers.

Deliveries (Additional costs may apply)

If we have made arrangements to deliver your hedgie, we still require the $20 deposit to hold your
baby until fully weaned.  Then half the balance of your hedgehog will have to be cleared before
delivering your baby to you.  Upon arrival the remainder of the balance is due in
cash only.  

Shipping by air

We do ship via air across Canada.   Your payment (including the cost of; hedgehog, food, accessories
and shipping) must be received in full 24 hours before booking any flights.  Flights are only booked 1-4
days in advance.

Picking up your Hedgie

Pick up times are pre-arranged by appointment.  When your hedgie is ready to go, you will have one
week to come pick them up, unless other arrangements have been made.  When picking up your
hedgehog, the balance owing is due in
cash only.  The buyer is able to substitute their hedgehog at
the scheduled visit with a hedgehog of the same age or older if other hedgehogs are available.  

Any hedgehog not picked up at the prearranged time without prior notification is considered
unwanted and will be available for purchase by other customers.  If the buyer is unable to pick up their
hedgehog at the scheduled time and calls to cancel, their deposit can be used to reserve another
animal for a later pick up date.  The buyer will have 6 months to apply their deposit to another
animal.  After two cancellations, the buyer loses privileges to reserve animals.

Hedgehog food

Here at Élevage K.C. Exotics we use a mix of high quality cat food.  We strongly suggest, in fact insist
upon, purchasing at least one bag of our food when you take your new pet home.  This will reduce the
chance of a shipping stress related problem.  It is important to acclimate your pet to its new home
first and to change the diet later if you find it necessary to do so.  If you choose not to purchase a bag
of our food, you are going against our recommendations.  The bag of food that we sell will last
approximately 100 days. This is determined by feeding 1 TBSP per day to your hedgehog.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee to the best of our knowledge that all the hedgehogs that we breed and sell are healthy
and free from any known health problems.  

We offer a guarantee including;

-21 Days for mites

-1 Year for congenital health problems

-2 Years Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS)

A necropsy by a qualified veterinarian (exotic) is necessary to fulfill the health guarantee.  This will be
a replacement of the animal and not a refund.  We do not cover any veterinarian bills or expenses for
travel or shipping of any kind.

The breeder will not honor the health guarantee if there is a problem due to negligence, injury, poor
diet, or a disease that was not properly treated.

Like most breeders of other pets, it is obvious that we are not responsible for the temperament of
your hedgehog, a change of mind, or a lack of interest towards your pet.
Our Hedgehogs

All of our hedgehogs are sold as ''Pet Only''.  If you are looking for a hedgehog for breeding
unfortunately you will have to contact another breeder.  Other breeder references available on
demand.  By purchasing from us you are in accordance with ''Pet Only.''  We reserve the right to
decline or terminate the sale of an animal at any time or any reason.
All of my hedgehogs are
pedigreed.  However, due
to so many small breeders
popping up, I will no longer
give out any parental
lineage on my birth
certificates as of 2016.  
This is to protect the
reputation of my herd and
to enforce ''pet only''

It may at my

Be possible to purchase
breeding rights with
proper paperwork and
pedigrees for established
breeders, that I currently
work with and that
I approve only